The Delta Variant Is Like Chickenpox, It Makes People Sicker, Cdc Warns

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 2, 2021

CDC warns that the Delta variant, the reason for the current surge in the US, is as contagious as chickenpox. Its window of transmission is longer than its previous versions. And it may create more trouble for the elderly, the agency observed.

As per a confidential document from the agency, the Delta variant is more contagious than the common cold, chickenpox, smallpox, Spanish flu, ebola, and MERS.

The State and Federal health officials need to convince the general public of the health benefits of getting vaccinated.

In a confidential document, CDC warned lawmakers that the Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox. Its transmission window is longer than that of its predecessors. The virus may spell trouble for the elderly. The situation remains the same even if they are fully vaccinated and are averagely healthy. This warning came out on Thursday. Different media outlets reviewed the document. Federal officials authenticated the document.

The Delta Variant Is Like Chickenpox, It Makes People Sicker, Cdc Warns

Delta variant is now present in more than 132 countries. And it is the predominant virus in the US. It is more transmissible than almost all the germs of the previous pandemics the world has witnessed in past. The direction of the war is changed, CDC reported in the document.

The Delta Variant Is Like Chickenpox, It Makes People Sicker, Cdc Warns

It also requests health officials to convince the general public of the benefits of receiving the COVID 19 jab. Vaccines reduce the risk of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. ? They eliminate the possibility of hospitalizations up to 90%. They may perhaps be less effective against infection. That explains why the variant is spreading fast among the vaccinated people. 35000 new infections among the 162000000 vaccinated Americans, this week, were symptomatic. In a separate report, CDC announced that 5,914 fully vaccinated people were either hospitalized or died due to the Coronavirus infection till July 19. This happens because fully vaccinated people happen to be in gatherings and be in the groups of those who are at risk of vaccination failure, the document further states.

Health officials are of the view that State and Federal officials should try to make vaccination mandatory, especially for healthcare professionals.

President Biden recently announced that his administration would require federal officials to submit proof of their vaccination. Otherwise, they will have to undergo certain stringent safety protocols.

CDC presented this confidential document to lawmakers after two days of the reversal of its guidelines on wearing a mask.  It now recommends wearing a mask, even for fully vaccinated people, when in areas with high transmission. The guidelines affect more than one-third of the country’s population.

According to health officials, the document exhorts Americans to be more open to reality. The Delta variant is worse than any other virus the country has seen.

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Vaccination officials are now upset that a large portion of the US population is not yet vaccinated. And the Delta variant has changed the direction of the war. Yesterday, the country witnessed more than 90000 infections and 400 deaths. This is the same as what was in the summer, the peak time for America. At that time, the American population was highly susceptible. There were no vaccines to protect people. The document also expresses the frustration Federal officials are experiencing. There are powerful vaccines at present.

The war, according to health officials, is now with ourselves, not with the virus from now. Patients of Delta virus infection carry almost 1000 times higher amounts of the virus in their nasal passage. This increases the number of people they can infect, health professionals warn. This applies even to fully vaccinated people. CDC also observes a higher possibility of hospitalizations, ICU admission, oxygen requirements, and even death in Delta variant.

Almost all hospitalizations happen among unvaccinated people. Thus your refusal to get vaccinated stalls the progress the country achieved to date, experts say.

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