Immuneti Reviews – A Genuine Immune Provider Supplement?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : May 20, 2021

Immuneti is a comprehensive natural supplement designed by the eminent American wellness expert Dr. Amy Shah for complete immunity.

It involves a proprietary blend of plant products that provides an array of antioxidants and nutrients to the body.

Immuneti Reviews – Protector To Cardiovascular Health

Thereby, it also provides benefits for skin, weight, etc., and ensures overall health. Immuneti supplement is quite popular in America and is used by celebrities as well. 

Read further into this Immuneti Review to know its working process, how it is beneficial and whether it involves any side effects!

Immuneti Reviews
Product NameImmuneti
Main benefitsHelp to boost the immune system
Ingredients Zinc Citrate, Garlic Bulb Extract, Elderberry Extract, Vitamin D3, and much more
DosageTake 2 capsule per day
Result 2-3 months
Price  $29
Official WebsiteClick Here

About – Immuneti

It is a doctor-formulated 100% natural supplement that is meant to strengthen the immune system and reduce the symptoms of cold, flu, etc.

Immuneti ingredients are sourced from around the globe in high quality and purity. It acts as a multifunctional supplement since it supports respiratory health and improves the body’s general functioning. Each bottle of Immuneti has 60 vegetarian capsules that are orally consumed.  

Creator of Immuneti supplement?

Immuneti capsules are manufactured here in the United States at Ohio under CGMP verified facilities. As per the official website, the supplement was produced after thorough research by doctors and health experts. Dr. Amy Shah who is credited for the formulation of Immuneti is a double board-certified medical doctor who received her training from the universities of Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell. 

Immuneti Supplement – Ingredients

There are 6 key plant extracts and nutrients present in the Immuneti supplement. Each of these are said to have a nutritional value of more than thousands of fruits, legumes, and other natural products combined. 

Zinc Citrate

It is an antioxidant-rich mineral that helps reduce oxidative stress and protects the body from infections and diseases. It also facilitates healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Zinc Citrate

Garlic Bulb Extract

It boosts the immune cell function and destroys microorganisms that enter the body. Garlic also supports weight loss, prostate and liver health. 

 Garlic Bulb Extract

Elderberry Extract

It consists of antioxidants and vitamins and helps to treat and prevent the common cold and flu. Elderberry promotes collagen formation as well. 

Elderberry Extract

Vitamin D3

It enables the absorption of phosphorous and calcium to promote healthy immune cell function and inhibits diseases. Vitamin is also crucial for bones and teeth. 

 Vitamin D3

Other ingredients include Echinacea Purpurea Plant Extract, Black Pepper Fruit Extract, Vitamin C. 

Working Of Immuneti Supplement

The plant-vitamin formula of Immuneti supports the body’s natural immune response to provide complete protection from infections, common cold, and diseases.

The nutrients involved are absorbed by the body to facilitate complete health of the body. Since each of the ingredients involved performs several key functions, the Immuneti supplement acts as an all-rounder by reversing aging signs and providing a healthy and youthful body. It offers protection to the lungs even during seasonal changes when cold and flu are most common.

It also lowers the duration of the common cold symptoms and provides faster recovery without any negative reactions. Another key feature is Immuneti’s ability to improve cardiovascular health. It is found to regulate blood pressure-sugar levels and also assists in weight loss by increasing the levels of the fat-burning hormone adiponectin.

Therefore, without performing a hectic workout regime or being on a restrictive diet, Immuneti with its potent natural components helps to achieve complete well-being and a younger-looking appearance within a short period.  

Benefits of Immuneti

As you now know, Immuneti provides an abundance of health benefits. The most important ones are; 

Boosts heart health: The Garlic and Elderberry combination in Immuneti consists of many antioxidants, which help to lower bad cholesterol. They nourish the heart and maintains the healthy function of the cardiovascular system. 

Provides faster recovery: Be it infections, cold, flu, or allergies, Immuneti’s plant extract, and vitamin composition provide faster treatment. It boosts the immune system with nutrients and keeps you healthy and strong. 

Promotes healthy functioning: Immuneti supplements being rich in vitamins and zinc ensures each organ’s complete well-being, including the bones and skin. Thus it maintains your overall fitness. 

What Are The negative after effects, dosage & how to use Immuneti ?

According to the product website, Immuneti is safe for anyone aged 12 and above. No toxins, animal-derived substances, or chemicals are present in Immuneti and as such, there aren’t any dangerous consequences involved. However, this may not be the case for everyone.

So ensure that you double-check the ingredients. Those who have pre-existing allergies to certain components may experience minimal reactions. Either way, speak with your doctor to make a safe decision. This is also applicable for those who are on other medications. 

Follow the dosage as directed which is 2 capsules a day. A regular intake for 2-3 months can provide maximum effectiveness. Based on the Immuneti website and Immuneti reviews, there is no requirement to make any dietary changes while using this supplement. 

Immuneti Dosage

Results & its longevity of Immuneti

According to Immuneti reviews, most customers experienced an increase in energy levels within a few days of using the product. But note that not every individual will have similar results. 

The product’s 4-month pack helps to stabilize the benefits. The results that you obtained from Immuneti within 2-3 months are found to last for a longer period of 1-2 years. And this can be achieved only if the supplement is used daily without fail. A nutritious diet and sufficient body movement can enhance the results.

Who is this for?

As long as you meet the age criteria of 12 years and above, you can use Immuneti supplements. The product can be highly useful for those who have/are; 

✅High a weak immune system. 

✅Struggling with overweight. 

✅Increased blood sugar-pressure levels. 

✅Poor respiratory health. 

✅Highly prone to the common cold or suffering from it.  

✅Fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. 

You may also use the Immuneti supplements to increase your current fitness and well-being. 

Is Immuneti legit?

Yes, Immuneti is a fully legitimate and authentic natural health supplement. It is rated as the world’s no.1 immune support formula. Besides being derived by a qualified medical professional, all of the ingredients are well-researched and tested for their purity and potency by other doctors and health experts.

As provided on the Immuneti website, the product is trusted by several renowned athletes, models, and celebrities such as Venus Williams, Molly Sims, Tim and Demi Tebow, etc. The website also provides a separate section that showcases the studies of the product ingredients. 

Immuneti complaints and customer reviews

Based on Immuneti reviews and the product site, there aren’t any customer complaints reported so far. In addition to having a wide audience in the general public, Immuneti is also used by popular personalities from different parts of the world. A lot of users report that the Immuneti supplement has become a part of their daily lives due to its benefits. 

Immuneti Customer Reviews

Pricing & Where to get Immuneti?

Immuneti supplements are provided in 3 pricing packages each with discount offers; 

???? 1 Month Supply: 1 Bottle of Immuneti at $29 via 25% Off. 

???? 3 Months Supply: 3 Bottles of Immuneti at $49 via 58% Off. 

???? 5 Month Supply: Buy 4 Bottles of Immuneti and Get 1 Free at $66.50 via 66% Off. 

Only the official page of Immuneti ie; provides the original supplement with a refund. Due to the present pandemic scenario, this is also the only source to buy Immuneti.

There are no delivery charges associated with this product. The 5-month pack of Immuneti supplements is said to be the Best Value Pack and is also rated as the Best-seller on the website. It helps to maintain routine consumption for the long term to acquire maximum benefits.  

A 30 Day hassle-free 100% Money-Back Guarantee is provided with Immuneti supplements. Hence if the product wasn’t effective for you, the entire expenditure is returned with no questions asked.  

Immuneti Verdict 

To sum it up, Immuneti is a proven reliable and effective remedy for naturally boosting immunity and maintaining wellness. Its 6-in-1 antioxidants and vitamin-rich recipe provide complete body nourishment without any negative reactions.

Since it is doctor-formulated and rated as the no.1 immune support supplement, the effectiveness can be trusted. The product continues to be a success for consumers across the globe including celebrities. With a guaranteed 30 Day refund, it is easier to try out Immuneti without the fear of any potential risks. If you are convinced reading Immuneti reviews, then you should better give it a try. 


Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez was a former Medical professor and faculty at Harvard Medical school. After resigning, now he is practicing as a general physician who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of general health problems and disorders. He earned his MS and PhD from Columbia University. Ricardo Alvarez completed his undergraduate education from an accredited medical college under the University of London and completed his training from AMCAS and is a doctor with earned board certification.

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