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Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : November 6, 2020

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Music is a healing experience for all. Whether you like classical, pop, rock, indie, country, jazz or the blues, it is always pleasurable to listen to. There is music for every mood and occasion, which is why so many wonderful artists create pieces that move audiences to tears or take to the floor.

Being artistically talented is one of the advantages a human can have due to their inclination towards writing, poetry, painting or being a musician.

Singing and playing a musical instrument is something everyone admires universally, be it a child or an elderly person. However, not everyone has the flair for it to learn reading, singing, and playing instruments by themselves.

Even maestro musicians and singers have had years and years of training, which not everyone today can afford. Of all instruments, the keyboard is one of the most popular choices for kids and adults to begin with, due to the versatility it offers.

Playground sessions Reviews- Software Features Analyzed!

Since 2020 is a year where we have the time to hone our talents, and Playgrounds sessions app is one such amazing place to learn the keyboard easily.

To know what the playground sessions android fares for the users, read our playground sessions review below, which covers all there is to know in detail.

Product NamePlayground sessions
CreatorsQuincy Jones and American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr.
CategoryPiano learning 
Main BenefitsTeaches you how to improve your piano-playing skills.
Price$9.99 per month
AvailabiltyOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is it?

If you’re searching for online piano lessons or an online piano learning software, playground sessions is the right one for you. It offers users the complete package for learning piano from scratch, from the basics to playing popular songs in just a matter of days.

With an extensive backing of informative guidance, the playground sessions app is available at your disposal to learn playing the keyboard at any time of the day, unlike classroom piano lessons.

playground sessions review

It also is much more affordable than paying heavy fees for hourly piano lessons. During the lockdown and COVID-19  pandemic, this app is one of the best ways to keep your artistic flame burning and prevent boredom, so you can say you’ve used your time productively as well.

Playground sessions offers you a getaway from the stress of heavy work, so you can relax with music and stimulate your brain to learn something enjoyable. The lessons are fun and engaging, which appeases to both the youth and adults.

It’s never too late to learn how to play the keyboard, says one playground sessions pg-150 keyboard review, emphasizing how the app brings you closer to realizing your desire to become a better musician from the comfort of your couch.

About the creator

The creators behind the software are legendary Grammy winner Quincy Jones and American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr.

The dynamic duo have each made remarkable contributions to the world of Hollywood and global music and have been bestowed upon with several accolades.

When these musicians created the playground sessions android app to make learning piano easily, they ensured even a novice felt comfortable and empowered to play!

How does it work?

You are required  to purchase the playground sessions software to be able to install it on your phone or device and enjoy the benefits of the platform. Upon successfully installing the app, the interface  is at your disposal at any time of the day.

Based on Playground sessions reviews, the package includes a tutor, piano lessons, and a collection of 500 songs for you to practice with. Upon the completion of every lesson or performance, you will receive feedback and corrections from a professionally trained tutor who will help you transition into becoming a smooth performer. 

playground sessions trial

The playground sessions software also comes with a few in-app purchases, all of which can be purchased optionally. If you wish not to spend more than the subscription fee, it’s completely alright!

The installed app with the present features are more than enough to train your well. However, we and other playground session reviews always recommend their additional purchases once you finish the beginners level training as it will help you with your progress through more fine-tuned tools.

To pay for the playground sessions software, you can choose a viable option from three modes of subscription: monthly subscription, yearly subscription, or a lifetime access subscription.

For beginners who are skeptical, we recommend you to use the monthly model with complete feature access to understand how amazing this app is. 

Features of Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions software offers a huge of features to you that will make learning the piano easy and fun. The interface and experience of learning is so refreshing, that we guarantee you’ll be hooked to it from day one.

If you’re wondering about the features playground sessions comes with, here is the basic rundown of the lot.

1. An Extensive Collection Of Songs

Playground Sessions comes with an amazing collection of over 500 songs from all kinds of genres. The songs are arranged in the library based on the level of difficulty, where you can learn it at your own pace. The best part about the library is that you can skip levels if you think you’re ready to take on a challenging song you love. The guide to help you with keys and notes are super simple and you’ll be able to follow instructions easily.

2. An Interactive Learning Module

The learning module of the interface is known as alld the bootcamp,  where you will find all the essential video tutorials that will teach you the basics of learning a piano. All your lessons will be arranged according to their level of difficulty. When in doubt, you can call upon the support of your favorite online tutor, David Sides. During the bootcamp, you will get the chance to play the piano alongside the instructor David Sides. As he plays each song, the interface will show you the keys he is playing, allowing you to follow him. 

3. An Impressive Dashboard

The stellar dashboard of the playground sessions keeps you up to speed with your progress in real time, showing you the lessons you have covered, need to cover, upcoming lessons and what level of expertise you have reached. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your time spent learning and understanding if you’re ready to skip lessons.

4. Great Customer Support

The customer support service is the most important aspect of any app or product. We are glad to report that the playground sessions customer support team goes above and beyond to help its users find their comfort by answering all queries and solving any glitches before time. The team is friendly, approachable and highly responsive.

What should you expect from Playground sessions?

You can expect to learn the keyboard in a simplified, fun, non-stressful and structured manner. Whether you’re someone who has never played the keyboard and wants to do it for fun, or are someone who used to play but have now lost touch, this app caters to all kinds of users due to their expansive lessons and levels.

You can choose to move at any pace you set, be it learning all day, or spending as little as 15-20 minutes in a day.  If you are consistent with your practice, you will notice that your speed and expertise will improve gradually as learning a musical instrument from scratch also teaches you how to read music. 

However, once you’re a few days in, you’ll never want to go toa piano tutorial again. The software is convenient,  user friendly and puts no pressure on you, only promoting a healthy competition with yourself, which is the best way to go about learning something for yourself.

The tutor present to assist you will answer any questions you have as well as provide timely critique so you can improve upon your playing skills.

As per our playground sessions trial, you will start off as a novice and reach the pro level if you show consistency and dedication to it just like any other learning process.

This is a great experience for those looking to boost their creativity while giving their left side of the brain some time to rest.

Playground Sessions Vs Piano Instructor

What distinguishes playground sessions from a piano tutor? Well, many things! For starters, your tutor charges you by hour or session, which can become a costly affair while playground sessions can be much more economical.

Hiring a piano tutor during the pandemic, too, is not safe, which is why this software can step in and help you continue learning. The playground sessions software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, unlike your tutor, who will only attend to you in your allotted time.

Using this app you can practice all you want, move ahead of progress and take any method of learning you like since it’s much more flexible.

What Makes Playground Sessions Unique?

  1. The playground sessions software is equipped with every learning material one could ever need to train on the piano.
  2. The interface of playground sessions is very entertaining and interactive.
  3. Playground sessions comes with helpful piano exercises to quicken your progress.
  4. You get to learn over 500 songs from different genres.
  5. The playground sessions dashboard shows you real time progress.
  6. The users receive honest and prompt feedback on their performance.
  7. A virtual tutor is always helping you when you need it..
  8. Even a person with no experience can learn the piano easily.
  9. The playground sessions platform is compatible with lots of devices and operating systems.

How much does Playground Sessions cost? 

The membership to Playground Sessions can cost you $9.99 per month, with a one-year commitment or $17.99 per month.

Their lifetime membership is for $289.99 with a discount of 60 dollars without using any playground sessions promo code.

The platform includes a music store where songs can be bought and downloaded to learn for $5.99.

playground sessions program

How can you get hands on Playground Sessions?

To purchase the software and start learning you’ll have to go to their official website, where you can securely pay for your desired subscription and enjoy your lessons. 


As per our playground sessions review, we found the creators Quincy Jones and Harry Connick Jr very thorough in their approach.

They truly make learning piano a pleasurable experience for all through the brilliant interface and collection of lessons. For anyone who wants to start learning, it’s a definite yes, with the amazing price your access to unlimited lessons come at!

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