Talking To Someone Who Is Still Hesitant To Get Vaccinated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 16, 2021

A renowned paediatrician Doctor Edith Bracho-Sanchez says many of her workdays now includes listening to worried parents and their concerns regarding their kids getting vaccinated. She says she pacifies her family that no one should judge parenting just because they are afraid of vaccinations.

Talking To Someone Who Is Still Hesitant To Get Vaccinated

Though initially, a majority of parents were afraid and doubtful about any vaccination over time, parents overcome their fear and accept the medicines. Doctor Edith says that every time new vaccination comes out along with fear as an obvious reaction, abundant misinformation also comes makes news. She has now started pushing families in an accelerated way.

Talking To Someone Who Is Still Hesitant To Get Vaccinated

First, listen to their Concerns 

Normal human tendency is difficulty in accepting something new. The same applies to COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy. Doctor Edith says Fear is a normal human reaction. She suggests everyone should be able to sit with their physician and talk freely about their concerns.

An empathetic listener is required by many parents to first listen to their queries and concerns. She says convincing the worried parents requires multiple conversations. Medical Analyst at CNN team Doctor Leana Wenn recommends addressing their concerns personally and recommends not using generalized blanket statements. For example, if people are worried about vaccination causing infertility, then the conversation should lead in the way of how vaccination is safe for pregnant women.

Backup your conversation with scientific data

Over the years, various studies have proven that vaccinations are safe and are highly effective in preventing sickness. If we track the after-effects of the COVID vaccine, adverse effects and risky reactions are very few. Also, vaccinations produced by Pfizer and Moderna have shown a track record of preventing diseases more than 90%. Pfizer publicly released that Pfizer released previous six months of data that showed how their vaccination is safe and effective.

After-effects of vaccination Doctor Bailey said the greatest risk other than getting the vaccine is becoming sick with Covid itself.

Openly share why you are being vaccinated. 

Personal stories are the best way to connect with new parents concerned about their kid’s vaccination. Doctor Bracho-Sanchez says she shared her personal situation wherein she got vaccinated when she was pregnant.

She believed in the motto “Healthy mother, Healthy Kid”. She was firm in getting vaccinated because she believed getting affected with COVID will be much worse. 

Many are missing being able to travel freely across the world. For them getting fully vaccinated will be an authorization to travel. Countries like Denmark, France and the Bahamas have announced that the Covid test is optional for vaccinated folks!

There are live examples where people themselves have experienced feeling better after getting vaccinated. They reported that there was a considerable drop in their health, and they felt weak because of Covid infection.

Not One but two doses

As much experienced temporary illness after receiving their first dose of vaccination, a hesitation was seen among a group of people in taking their second dose of vaccination.

Doctor Wen said everyone must receive the second dose of vaccination as well because it highly bolsters immunity. Also, people must know experiencing side effects is actually a positive sign! This is an indication that the immune system is at work.

Lend help in scheduling appointment

Offer help in scheduling the appointment or driving them to vaccination centres if someone you know is only worried about scheduling appointments and travelling to vaccination centres. Assure them you are with them and make it a happy event! Take them dinner after or go shopping.

There are many who got convinced to get vaccinated after talking to family and friends. So offer that timely help.

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